29 April 2007

Oh so quiet...

Wow, what a week! Not!

It comes to something when the highlights of your week are, in no real order…

It rained on Monday AND Tuesday! Great, just what the garden needed! Pity the sun came out again on Wednsday and dried everything up again!

I sat watching the Derby Cathedral Peregrine web-cam at almost midnight on Wednesday - the bird on the nest was turning the eggs, something they do regularly to help the chicks develop properly. I was rather surprised to see this going on in the middle of the night though.

I went into Derby with Lynda on Saturday - got my hair cut, picked up a couple of CD’s and a DVD, spent rather more than I’d have liked to on a new birding/walking coat! Still, I did need a new coat, the old one let me down when I was caught in heavy rain at Carsington back at the beginning of March.

As we arrived home from shopping on Saturday afternoon four Swifts were flying around over the house, our first ones of the year!

So, that was another week of my life that has been and gone - hope the next one is just as exciting!

Today must have been the start of next week, not the end of last week, because it was a little more exciting. Lynda and I went to our niece Chloe’s birthday party. When you have around a dozen seven year olds running around it is always going to be a little crazy! To make matters worse, they were all in charge of guns - laser guns that is!

The party was held at a Quasar laser arena and, I must say, it was rather fun! As well as the little people, around seven or eight of us "grown ups" also played. During the two battles we took part in, I was involved in 15 friendly fire incidents (trigger-happy kids!), ran into a wall twice in the darkened room, managed a total of 188 "kills" whilst only "dying" 52 times and somehow came out as "Top Gun" in both games!

Being seven is such fun!

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