05 April 2008

A Saturday afternoon at home...

The return of cold, wet weather put me off going out birding this afternoon so I have taken the opportunity to "tweak" my page a little. There is now an e-mail link, over on the left of the page, so that I can be contacted directly from here. Just how long the link will stay there remains to be seen. If the junk mail gets too much then I’ll remove the link and close the e-mail address.

Tomorrow, I should have been at my first autograss meeting of the year but the weather has put paid to that and the meeting was cancelled at lunchtime today, I now have an unexpected free day. The weather forecast for tomorrow morning doesn’t look too bad so I think I’ll set the alarm for "before-light-o’clock" and try and get a few hours birding in before the rain/sleet/snow arrives.

For the armchair birders, the Derby Peregrines now have four eggs in the nest and the birds can be seen on the webcams almost all of the time now.

The link to the Peregrine Blog is Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project

The link that goes directly to the webcam is Derby Peregrine Webcam

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  1. Who are you calling an armchair birder? I was out at "before-light-o'clock" this morning LOL. Couldn't see a thing. Also managed to walk another trail in the woods this afternoon.