06 May 2008

Great news...

Just a quick update on the Derby Cathedral Peregrines... three of the four eggs have hatched; we have chicks again!

The webcam on the nest platform is now giving some great images of the adult birds and the chicks, when they are not being brooded by one of the parents that is! As the chicks start to grow over the coming days and weeks they will, obviously, need feeding more often so the views of them will increase. In the meantime, pour yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and sit and see what happens!

The Peregrine Blog site is http://derbyperegrines.blogspot.com/

The direct link to the webcam is

A couple of images I "grabbed" from the live webcam.

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  1. Nic (birdnerdblog)10 May, 2008 19:33

    Hey you! Great link to the Derby Peregrines. They are without a doubt my favourite bird. Hope you enjoy your trip, looking forward to the report and photos! Sorry I've been so quiet lately, things have just been a bit hectic! Updates soon, I promise. Wouldn't wanna disappoint my fans, all three of 'em lol!