28 August 2005

First Posting!

Well, after reading about this "blog" thing a few times I thought I'd give it a go, so, here's my first little bit of news! I NOW HAVE A BLOG!!!!

Quite what will appear here remains to be seen, as does the amount of times I actually find time to add "news", but we will see!

It's the Bank Holiday weekend this weekend and so far the weather has been quite good - for a change - with yesterday and today being bright and sunny, if a little breezy.

Lynda and I had a late start to the day with breakfast at around 9.45, followed by a lazy morning in front of the TV. I talked Lynda into taking us out for lunch (not hard to do) so after a brief stop off at work to feed the fish there (hey, someone has to look after them!) we had a rather nice couple of hours at the local Harvester. We skipped starters, apart from our trips to the salad bar, and went straight for the main courses so that we would have room for sweets after!!! Well, that was the idea. After my steak, which was great, I was totally stuffed! I did force a very small mousse but that was my lot. Lynda polished off a huge plate of chicken and bacon AND the biggest ice cream you could imagine! OK, with a little help, but not much!

The afternoon was spent having a quick look around a garden centre, buying more bird food, and then back in front of the TV. I like Bank Holidays! Lynda did her normal Sunday night thing - pub quiz - but again failed to win a thing!

As for tomorrow.....