16 April 2010

Bringing the birds up to date...

No, I haven’t given up on birding, cycling or for that matter blogging - I’ve just been a little too busy to post any updates. Okay, so I’ve just been plain lazy and couldn’t be bothered!

Over the past month I’ve managed to add another 16 species of bird to this year's “10-Mile List”, five of which I came across whilst cycling.

March 16 - Chiffchaff alongside the River Derwent in Derby.
March 25 - Sand Martin in flight over the River Derwent in Derby.
March 28 - Red-legged Partridge by the roadside in Ingleby.
April 8 -Willow Warbler alongside the River Derwent in Derby.
April 15 - Grey Wagtail alongside the River Derwent in Derby.

The other 11 species were all located last Sunday morning when I managed to drag myself out of bed at 6:30AM and then spend over five hours birding in the Trent Valley. This area is fast becoming my second (outdoor) home, as I seem to be spending more and more of my free time there. If I’m not birding in the area then I’m cycling in it. The year ticks were, in the order I came across them, Common Whitethroat, Grasshopper Warbler, Green Sandpiper, Sedge Warbler (my earliest record for this species), Blackcap, Little Ringed Plover, Yellow Wagtail, Tree Pipit, Swallow, Linnet and Ruddy Duck.

After a rather half-hearted approach to listing this year I have now managed to locate a total of 99 species within 10 miles of home. This time last year the total was 120 species! I have a lot of ground to make up if I’m going to pull that little deficit back. Maybe another early start is needed this Sunday.