25 November 2005

Chill time....

It's Friday! Time to look forward to the weekend again!

Tomorrow I've got work in the morning, may be cleaning the fish tank if there isn't too much going on, then back home and stay in the warm in the afternoon. We've missed the snow here so far but it's freezing cold and the wind will cut you to the bone!

Tomorrow evening we are going out for a meal at The Plough Inn, at Normanton on Soar. We've not been here for a while and when our friends, Mark & Sheila, suggested it was time we met up again we chose The Plough for a change! Any excuse for some good food! Might not be a bad idea if I start looking at the menu now - there's always such a choice I can never make my mind up!

Not sure about Sunday yet, all depends on what time I can get out of bed, if the snow holds off and also if Mel decides we're doing another walk! I'll let you know on Sunday evening!

1 comment:

  1. I hope you enjoy your meal at The Plough Inn. Looks like a very nice place indeed to spend an evening. Wouldn't mind a place like hat here in Indiana (would never happen). We do have a nice little family owned Italian restaurant the next state over called Dominics with hand painted murals on the walls to give the feel of Italy.No fireplace though :( We were there Saturday last. Nice Blog you have here Rich.