06 October 2006



I now have my on-line sponsorship page up and running for the 17 mile, BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION, sponsored walk that I will be doing in November. SPONSOR ME HERE!

This will be the second time that I have taken part in this event and I have set myself the target of raising £500 this year!

On top of the money that I manage to raise, there is the opportunity for an extra 28% to be claimed back from Mr Tax Man if you are a UK taxpayer and “Gift Aid” your donation. If I hit my £500 target that could mean up to an extra £140 goes to the BHF! And it doesn’t cost you a penny extra!

The on-line page is linked directly to the BHF and the money will transfer directly to them. I will also be taking sponsors on the more traditional “sponsorship form”!

If you would like any information on this walk, or would like to join in, then either e-mail me or leave a message in the comments section at the end of this post!

Please, if at all possible, add to my sponsors. Every little helps!

Near the end of the 2005 walk.


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