20 December 2006

Facts and figures!

If you like facts and figures that, well, tell you all the facts and figures then here are a few I’ve found relating to the new indoor speed world record that was set back on the 12 December!

Cars totalling £750,000 were put through their paces, each car having 3 timed runs over the 230 metre straight in the NEC, Birmingham.

The results will be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for approval and certification. The times were recorded using a Vericom VC3000PC Performance Tester and were overseen by independent data company Datron Technology who are recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.

Some of the vehicles taking part included…

Ariel Atom Supercharged 300HP Costing £35,000
Top speed - 76.80mph

Aston Martin V8 Vantage 380HP Costing £82,800
Top speed - 64.80mph

Audi RS4 (LT) 414HP Costing £51,825
Top speed - 72.14mph

BMW Z4M 338HP Costing £42,795
Top speed - 64.87mph

Ford GT 500HP Costing £120,900
Top speed - 71.53mph

Jaguar XKR (LT) 420HP Costing £67,495
Top speed - 59.78mph

Mitsubishi EVO FQ360 366HP Costing £35,504
Top speed - 75.61mph

Shelby Daytona Cobra 530HP Costing £91,650
Top speed - 68.65mph

Westfield Sport 2000 192HP Costing £19,950
Top speed - 68.49mph

And the winner…

Autograss Special - Toyota engine - 280HP Costing £20,000

Top speed 82.05mph!!!

Oh, and the old record? That was 81mph, set by “The Stig” from Top Gear driving a Toyota F1 Grand Prix car.

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