23 May 2008

Tomorrow may be a first!

Somehow I have survived “one of those days” at work today and now I can look forward to the weekend. As I said last night, all of my plans have gone out of the window and it will be a case of taking things as they come - after a little bit of birding tomorrow that is! Whether it proves to be the relaxing morning I need remains to be seen; I’m off on a bit of a “twitch” tomorrow!

A Red-footed Falcon has been located not too far away and, if I can get to see it, it would be a “lifer” for me. Not only would it be a great bird to see but it would also be inside my “10-Mile List” zone! The bird is only the 13th to be found in Derbyshire and is the first one since July 2000. I could have gone for it this evening but I’ve put my money on getting to see the bird tomorrow when, hopefully, the rain will have stopped and the sun will be out.

After my birding trip the rest of the weekend will just happen - no plans, no schedule to keep to and no stress I hope. Have a great holiday weekend, if it is a holiday weekend for you!

Oh, on the way to work this morning I stopped off at Alvaston Park as I tend to do - it delays my arrival at work just a little longer - and the Mute Swan family came to say hello. The nine cygnets all seem to be doing well and they also have plenty of little playmates on the lake now. There are at least 11 young Coot and 37 Mallard ducklings, many of which are only a few days old.

The Mute Swan family - camera phone picture.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow. Love the pics and the garden pics as well.