07 February 2010

Steady progress...

It’s been a mixed couple of weeks since the last cycling update. Mixed weather, mixed fortunes and, as a result, a mixed attitude to my riding!

The last week of January saw a run of dry, ice-free days and so I was able to continue my push for some slightly quicker average speeds. Most rides came in at around the 16.5 to 17.5 mph average. The one bad day was Friday 29th, I picked up another rear wheel puncture just as I arrived at work. What should have been an easy job to fix turned out to be a bit of a nightmare - stripping the inner tube out of the wheel revealed not one but three punctures! I’d clearly found a lot of broken glass somewhere.

February hasn’t treated me too kindly, weather wise, so far with two icy rides, 3 in heavy rain, 4 on wet roads after rain and just one ride when everything was nice and dry. As a result, the bike I use for bad weather and winter riding was in a bit of a state by the time this weekend arrived. This morning I treated it to a bit of a clean up. Two hours spent out in the garage had things back in order and ready for another week of commuting. Hopefully the weather will be a little better this coming week.

Just some of the things needed to keep a bike running!

All clean, oiled and ready to go - just the wrong way up!

I hope Lynda has finished with the washing-up bowl!

My total mileage for the year now stands at just under 300 miles, 294.57 to be precise. If the weather picks up a little, and the roads dry out, I’ll be fetching the Cannondale Bad Boy out of hibernation in the next week or two and start getting some longer rides in. Roll on summer!

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