27 December 2012

Because two is never enough...

It's taken me almost six months but I've had to admit defeat. Running just two bikes was not going to work! I need three! Not want - NEED! And so, in the middle of November I put things to rights and took delivery of a new mountain bike, a 2012 model GT Avalanche 1.

Ever since I killed off my very old Claud Butler back in the summer I've been aware that my other two bikes would be of no use what so ever as and when the snow and ice arrives. I don't mind a bit of a challenge but there is no way I'd get the road bike out if there was even the slightest chance of ice within 50 miles of where I would be riding! The hybrid is not much better - it may have slightly wider tyres but they still don't have any tread worth mentioning. The only other option would be to stop riding in the bad weather and go to work in the car. That "option" was never really an option at all! I'd rather walk!

So, I was back to the three bike option and, thanks to a very good internet deal, I now have suitable transport ready for the snow. Of course, the snow we often see before the year end has failed to appear, so far, and I could, possibly, have saved my cash. When the weather does turn, I'm ready... and if it doesn't, I still have a new toy to play with! 

 Fresh out of the delivery box.

A box of extra little bits ready to be fitted.
(And a free bag of sweets from the supplier!) 

A gorgeous morning for the first ride. A 22 mile loop
around the lanes and off road trails of South Derbyshire. 

A Mucky Nutz fender - cheap but effective.

 Disc brakes - a lot more stopping power than my other bikes!

 30 gears to choose from - too many maybe?

Posing in the Winter sun. 

Almost home - a misty River Trent.

First time out and muddy already! Get used to it!

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