01 January 2013

Starting 2013...

Well, here we go once again. A new year and a new start. If I can find the time/the enthusiasm/the subject matter, and if the weather allows, then I'd like to post a lot more updates here this year. And, if all goes well many of them will be based around photos that I take.

Photography is something that I have enjoyed for many many years, I even studied it at school back in the dark ages of my youth. But, like many things in life, trying to find the time to really give it a go has always been a problem - most of the shots I take are either when away on holiday or on the occasional local walk. In 2013 I want to try and change that by taking more photos and in the process improve my, very mediocre, skills.

Today may not have been the best day to pick up the camera - beer, Buck's Fizz (the drink, not the '80s pop group!) and whisky last night - but the weather was fine and so Lynda and I headed off for a walk and then a pub lunch this morning. The camera came along too...

Alvaston Park lake. 

Lynda and friends. 

Mute Swan and Coot. 

Teasel heads. 

 Winter trees.

Tree bark. 

Fungi - around 15 feet up a tree! 

Fungi - around 15 feet up a tree! 

No football this week!

There, I've taken the first step. Not the most awe inspiring set of photos but having just the local park to work with did at least make me look around a little more in the hope of finding things to point the camera at. 

Now, where to go next time...

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