01 July 2006

Balloon Day!

So far, so good! It’s Saturday morning and the weather is great - nice and sunny, not too hot (yet!) and little or no wind - so, fingers crossed WE’RE HAVING A HOT AIR BALLOON FLIGHT THIS EVENING!!!

Lynda has to phone the people that fly the balloon late this afternoon for a final OK as regards the weather, so all we can do now is hope the wind doesn’t increase too much or that the heat doesn’t trigger any thunder storms.

Tomorrow I’m off racing again - I say again because we did actually get the car to a meeting last Sunday, but never raced! Long story cut short…. Gary drove the car around at home on Saturday with no problems. On Sunday, the car again ran without fault whilst being loaded onto the transporter, and also ran fine whilst being unloaded at the track and being moved into the pit area. When we tried to go through scrutineering, the car ran for about 200yrds and cut out!

Try as we might, the damn thing would not fire up again! So, after around and hour of changing things, altering others, messing with the electronic control systems and even trying to bump start the motor, by towing the car behind a Land Rover, we gave up! The car was winched onto the transporter again and we came home to watch the football.

Apart from taking the cylinder head off the motor, to check that a valve hadn’t been bent or something, Gary has done very little during the week to the car, but when he rebuilt it and tried starting the engine… it fired up and ran OK! We still don’t really have a clue what was wrong last week. All we can do now is hope the “problem” doesn’t reappear.

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