24 July 2006

Yes, I know, I've not been posting anything here! The simple fact is that I've had nothing worth writing about! Apart from work, the gym, working in the garden and sitting around soaking up some sun there has been nothing going on!

If you think that by posting this that I suddenly have lots of news then I'm afraid you are wrong! Well, okay, I do have a little bit of stuff to say.

I finally got around to getting onto broadband over the weekend, and what a difference that has made to my web surfing! No more waiting for pages to open, files to down load and music that keeps stopping whilst the next section is buffered!

On Saturday I got my mountain bike into action and used it to go to work on, something I've been threatening to do all year. By using the back roads and cycle tracks, I was there in only 10 minuets - though I did hammer myself all the way! Today, I again gave up the ease of the car and again took the bike - nine minuets this time!

Not sure how long this will last or how many times a week I'll use the bike but right now, it's feeling good. As the journey is so quick, I may even start and check out one or two longer routes. Apart from the hassle of carting my work cloths around it is actually quicker and easier using the bike. This evening Lynda passed me in Pride Park as she left work in the car - I was still home first due to the shorter route of the cycle paths!

So, that's my news. Nothing going on you see! That is apart from next weekend! We're off to Scotland for four days!

We're going to the Callander Highland Games to see Albannach and Clann An Drumma play, and of course the Highland Games themselves! It's been over six months now since we last saw Albannach play and I am really looking forward to this trip! You can be sure that by the time we get back I'll have plenty to post and plenty of photos to load onto Shutterfly!

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