25 June 2007


See, I haven’t forgotten about this place; I’ve just not had anything worth saying. If I’m honest, I still don’t have anything worth saying! It really has been that quiet.

The weather has stopped just about everything that I may have done over the past couple of weeks. The rain has made it virtually impossible to do anything in the garden, it has stopped me going to two autograss meetings - and will almost certainly stop me going to a two day meeting this weekend - the thought of going out birding in constant downpours doesn’t appeal so, I’ve been sat around in front of the TV, or the computer screen.

Cycling to work has also been abandoned at the moment and that, combined with everything else, has turned me into a bit of a couch potato! Things had to change and, seeing as how the rain looks like being here for the next 10 or 15 years, I’ve had to get off my backside and start going to the gym again - what a shock to the system that was!

I made a rather uneasy return to the gym last Thursday and found it very hard going, but it did feel good to be active again. On Saturday morning another couple of hours was spent back in the gym, followed by yet another trip on Sunday morning! If I can keep up the enthusiasm then I might just get back into something like average condition by Christmas - just in time to eat like a pig again!

There you have it, the past couple of weeks all caught up with. Told you it had been quiet!

Time to go and find more stories, and photos, about the good old English weather now…

Three photos taken in North Derbyshire today. Photos from Radio Derby news story.

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  1. That's just like you english folk...keeping all that good rain for yourselves;-) Sorry you haven't been able to enjoy some of that nice summer sun. We american's are keeping that on this side of the pond :o)