16 August 2007

41 and counting...

Well, I’m now another year older and another year wiser! Okay, so maybe not wiser but I’m certainly another year older! Forty-one doesn’t feel any different to forty - which didn’t feel any different to thirty. Just another day really.

Just like last year, I was working on my birthday and, again like last year, it was a nice easy day. Having no internet connection for most of the day helped keep things quiet, as I was unable to carryout most of my day-to-day tasks. Not that I’m complaining!

Looking back, I think the hardest task all day was actually getting to my desk first thing in the morning - it had been sabotaged overnight! Everything had been wrapped in silver foil, my chair, my PC, all my files, even the phone and my calendar! Once I’d cleared all the obvious clutter away, I then tried to start work, only to find that all the network cables had been removed from my PC. They’d stitched me up good and proper.

My "gift wrapped" desk!

Having re-wired the PC I then found that they had given everything inside my desk the same treatment - all pens, pencils and rulers were wrapped, as was the stapler and just about anything else they could find!

Inside my desk!

By lunchtime, most of the jokes about me getting old had dried up and the day started to return to normal, then we lost the internet connection and everything ground to a halt. It did make for a nice easy afternoon but it started to drag a little by the end of the day.

After work, four of us went to the pub next door for a drink and a bite to eat, partly for my birthday, partly because one of my colleges is leaving on Friday. The food was great - liver and bacon in onion gravy - and it was nice to have a bit of time to just sit around and have a laugh without worrying about work. It was also worth it just to see everyone else’s face as I sat and ate an extremely large bowl of ice cream and profiteroles that should have been for two or more to share! Share? On my birthday? That wasn’t going to happen!

It's mine! All mine!

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  1. OMGLMAO! I love your co-workers. Never know what your "friends" may plot for your birthday. At least they didn't wrap your car in saran wrap while you were working (or your bike). Where is it you work again? Next year you will be 42 and they may need some ideas ;-) Hey...what are friends for :o)

    We put Christmas lights on my boss's car. The big ones for outside the house. You could see it all lit up coming off the highway. He just fell in the snow laughing. those were good times.

    x Nolika but my mum just calls me Sarah Marooh.