31 August 2007

I’m a little late with this update but there hasn’t been much going on and I’m also having technical issues with my modem. At least it has kept my ramblings on here to a minimum!

The week leading up to the Bank Holiday weekend was very quiet both here at home and at work. I used the mountain bike to get to work on the Monday and from then on things went down hill! No more biking, no trips to the gym. I’m still not quite sure what I’ve done but it stopped all exercise dead in its tracks. The pain I’ve been getting in my side may be down to a pulled or torn muscle or it may be a damaged rib. Whatever it is, it hurt! This past couple of days has seen a big improvement but I’m still not quite right. No doubt a trip to the doctor would have answered all questions about the injury, but I don’t do doctors!

The Bank Holiday weekend itself was great. The weather was surprisingly good - even hot at times - and because of the pain in my side I did little or nothing all weekend apart from sit out in the garden reading and drinking cider. On the Saturday evening, Lynda and I sat out in the garden until well after dark with nothing more tiring to do than sit and read and watch the stars come out.

With the aid of her stargazing guidebook, Lynda was able to point out many new constellations to me including the Summer Triangle, Cygnus, the Square of Pegasus, Cassiopeia, The Plough, Delphinus and Ursa Minor including Polaris. Two shooting stars also showed themselves to Lynda, but I missed them both!

Sunday was more or less a repeat of the day before… more time sat out in the garden, more of Harry Potter read by me. The weather wasn’t quite so warm on the Sunday but at least it was dry and bright which is always a bonus for a Bank Holiday.

Most of Monday morning was taken up with washing and polishing the car. The time has come to start looking for a newer model again so I thought that I should try to get the car looking at its best before we go looking for a replacement. The end result was one rather smart looking motor and me feeling very sore due to the pain from my ribs. Just to finish me off completely, I then mowed the lawns. That was me done for the rest of the day!

One rather clean car!

A tidy garden again.

Late on Monday evening I tried to get onto the internet to post a Blog update and found that my modem wouldn’t connect. A quick phone call to the helpdesk soon confirmed that the modem was in fact dead and that an engineer would be needed. Tomorrow morning I should have everything sorted out again - not sure what the engineer will do though as the modem has been fine again for the past 24 hours or so!

The past week has been just work and evenings in front of the TV. The gym has been forgotten until Sunday evening at the earliest and even then I can’t see me doing too much of a workout. If I feel up to it, I may just go and do some light cardio work and then have a swim or I may just stop home and have a beer!

I have one or two other little snippets from this week but they will have to wait until Sunday evening, as it’s now time for the final of Big Brother on TV! Yeah, I know… I’m a sad person!

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  1. That sure is a shiny car. You get yourself to a doctor before you do any swimming. Our Big Brother has a couple of weeks left. I really hope "Evil Dick" makes it to the final two because anyone who goes up against him is sure to win.


    Love the garden pic too.

    Your devoted reader(LOL)

    Sarah W.