17 November 2007


Well, it’s almost time to pull on my walking boots again. At around 8:00AM tomorrow I will be starting the British Heart Foundation High Peak Trail Winter Challenge Walk. If the weather forecast is correct, it will be 17.5 miles of wind, rain and mud - an ideal way to spend a Sunday morning I reckon!

The weather forecast has changed, slightly for the better, over the past 36 hours so maybe the rain won’t be too bad. I have just been out and purchased a new pair of waterproof walking trousers though, just in case!

As of this moment (4:00PM) I have raised just over £290 in sponsorship when the gift aid is included, so I’m not too far short of the £350 target I set myself. I hope that by the end of the walk I will have taken that total past my target.

So, all I need to do now is get to the start line, do a bit of walking, come home and then send off the money! Oh, if only it was that easy - just the thought of it is making my knees hurt!

Paul, if you read this before the morning… “I’ll see you at the start line, mate!”

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  1. Good luck to you AND Paul on the walk. I'll say a prayer for your poor old knees ;-)