04 November 2007

Holiday time...

Well, it’s very nearly holiday time! In a little over eight hours we should be on the road to Center Parcs. This time we are off to Elveden Forest in Suffolk, a village that we have not been to before, and I can’t wait!

The only thing that I’m not looking forward to too much is the drive there. We always try to get to Center Parcs for around 10:00AM, so that we can make the most of our time there, even though we cannot get into the accommodation until 3:00PM. This will mean leaving home at about 7:00AM tomorrow. The time isn’t a real problem but the traffic on the M1 and A14 could well be a BIG problem! Monday morning rush hour is crazy enough at the best of times but it looks like we’ll be doing a good part of the 130 miles or so in thick fog. The fog is already quite thick outside tonight and all the smoke from people having bonfires and fireworks is only making things worse.

Still, the forecast is for a reasonably dry week so once the car is parked up the fun can start. The beer is all ready to be packed in the car, I’ve a new bottle of whisky to go with it, my MP3 player is loaded with a fresh batch of music and I even have all my clothes packed! Okay, so Lynda has packed for me, with a little guidance from myself!

As usual the swimming pool, water rapids and slides will be our main focus but Lynda and I do have a spa session booked and it looks like I’ll be being dragged into roller-skating with Chloe! So far, I have avoided having to join her on the indoor climbing wall, the outdoor high ropes and also the 13-meter abseiling tower, but that may well change once we get there!

See you next weekend!

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  1. Take it easy Rich. You're not as young as you used to be. Look what happened to my husband when he thought he could go sledding like when he was a kid. He spent Christmas on crutches. We're still paying for that little trip to the hospital and it's been two years.

    I hope you scheduled the spa AFTER the roller skating. No amount of exercise in the world can prepare ones muscles for that sort of activity.

    I do hope the two of you have a wonderful time.

    Hugs XX