31 October 2007

Evening! Still nothing much to report but I’ve a bit of time to spare so I thought I do a little update.

I chickened out of the gym last night, not a good move after all the food I’d eaten during the day, but I did do half an hour with my weights at home so that kind of made up for it I guess!

I took the long route into work on my bike this morning - a gorgeous start to the day, clear blue sky, no wind and plenty of autumn colour on the tress. It was one of those mornings when I could have just kept on riding.

Work was very quiet for most of the day and that just made me wish that I could have been outside even more. By early afternoon it felt more like spring out in the sun than late autumn - I just hope this weather continues right through next week whilst we are at Center Parcs.

The only notable part of the day at work was the arrival of a rather tasty looking Ferrari that we are selling for a customer. It’s a little above my price range but it would look quite nice parked in the garage at home, alongside my bike!

The Ferrari will take its place in the showroom alongside a Bentley, one or two Porsches, the usual mix of Merc’s and BMW’s and a Lotus Elise. Quite a nice little selection at the moment, if you have the money! Anyone have the winning numbers for next Saturday’s Lottery?

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  1. Ok...I keep checking my mailbox and NO Ferrari. What's up with that? You must be saving it for my Christmas present ;-) You're such a good friend :-))