29 October 2007


Being as things are a little quiet around here at the moment I thought I would have a look around for one or two items of “real news” that are making the headlines today.

The big news story has to be the total crash of the internet. See below for the latest news report!

In sport, top NASCAR coach Dan Amon has revealed one or two tips for drivers hoping to make it big in the world of motor sport!

More news as it happens!

1 comment:

  1. That just about wraps up NASCAR in a nutshell or should I say 'Nut-CASE' That old fella reminds me of some of the people news reporters talk to when they talk to 'eyewitnesses' on the scene. There's a police sgt. in Ohio that sounds just as silly except he's really a Sgt.

    The other video I can only say this...For one to be forced to watch America's Funniest Home video's to fill an internet void is a very cruel form af punnishment. :-))