03 October 2007


Well, it has taken me almost two months but I think I am over the muscle problem in my side. I’ve been able to do my full workout at the gym for over a week now and have not had any pain from my chest or side. I have got just over six weeks in which to get fit for the British Heart Foundation sponsored walk on November 18.

This year I have set myself the target of raising £350 in sponsorship. If I can reach that amount, or more, then I will have raised over £1000 in the past three years. Now, on to the part where I get on my knees and beg….


Without sponsors, this just becomes another walk in the Derbyshire Peak District. Okay, it’s a 17½ mile walk in the middle of November, there could be thick fog (like there was for part of last years walk), it could well be pouring with rain or even snowing so please, if you can, consider sponsoring me or anyone else that you may know who is taking part.

Once again, I have set up an on-line sponsorship page, via the BHF website, so that donations can be made directly to the British Heart Foundation without the need to track me down and hand over hard cash. Of course, if you would rather sponsor me in the old tried and tested way (pen on paper) then just get in touch and that can be sorted too!

The link to the sponsorship page is…


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  1. I think this is a wonderful cause. The very best of luck to you.