28 October 2007

You’re having a laugh…

Nothing much been going on this past week so nothing much to say!

Biggest laugh of the week had to be being stopped and questioned by the Police whilst on my way to work last Monday! They thought I may have been an anti-nuclear protestor! I guess it must have been because I ride a mountain bike, wear a bright blue cycling jacket AND have a rucksack!

Long story cut short… a group of protestors (all 12 of them!) had gathered outside the Rolls Royce plant on Raynesway, the Police turned out in force (reported to be around 40 of them!), two Police officers saw me and stopped me for questioning! They wanted to see I.D. - I don’t carry any. They wanted proof of where I was going - I suggested they follow me! Looking back on it, that may not have been the best thing to say but I just thought the whole thing was one big joke - they did not!

On Wednesday, Lynda and I went over to see Neil, Susan and Chloe to sort out plans for our trip to Center Parcs in just over a week’s time. In the end, very little was sorted but Lynda and Neil did do a fair job on a couple of bottles of wine! Lynda drunk is so funny! Not that I’m laughing of course - if I do it will only come back to haunt me whilst on holiday! I get the horrible feeling that “Uncle Richard” may well be getting roped into one or two things that he would not normally do. And of course, I'll also be having the odd drink or two!

Yesterday I had my first trip to the new Westfield shopping centre in Derby. Now, shopping is one of my pet hates - Lynda’s pet hate is taking me shopping! - but I have to admit that as far as shopping goes Westfield isn’t all that bad! Not sure I could cope with going there too often (it is a shopping centre after all) but when needs must, it’s as good as anywhere.

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  1. Pulled over by the law?! I always suspected you were a crazy hippie ;-)
    I'm with Lynda on taking the other half shopping. I especially hate taking him to the grocery. The bill triples because he's like a little kid when it comes to snack food (something we can live without).
    You should always carry I.D. even when you're not in your car. I have my driver's liscense ## memorized just in case I 'misplace' it. I figure they can run it through their computer in the squad car.

    Peace, Love, and biodegradable/tree-huggin' hippie power. XX :-))