19 July 2008

320 miles north...

Greetings, from the bonny, bonny banks of Loch Lomond! Yep, we’re in Scotland - and it’s sunny up here, so far!

I’ll have to keep this short as I’m on a pay-as-you-go WiFi connection!

We set off at 7:00AM this morning and by 12:00PM we were in Glasgow and had managed to get one of the very last parking places by the river Clyde for the Glasgow River Festival. We had stopped off at the festival in the hope of getting to see Albannach play and we weren’t to be disappointed - the band were just setting up their drums as we arrived! I was very happy - Jamesie was very surprised! I knew the band were playing this weekend - they didn’t know we would be turning up!

Another little surprise was having a cute wee Scottish voice call my name just before the second Albannach set. It turned out to be Leona, one of the Albannach forum users, that I had never met before but who recognised me from photos on there.

After watching the band play two sets it was, unfortunately, time for Lynda and I to head off on the final part of our journey to Loch Lomond. A little over 30 minutes later we had escaped from Glasgow and had arrived in Balloch. First stop was at the local Co-Op for essential supplies... 4lts of cider, ginger ale to go with whisky for Lynda, cake and biscuits to go with tea and coffee and also a couple of tubes of Pringles! We also picked up a few other less important items such as milk and sugar.

This evening we have sampled the local Chinese take-away, which was rather good, had a glass or two of cider and watched the sun slowly start to set. Tomorrow we head over to Scone Palace for the Highlander World Championships. If all goes as planned we’ll also get to see Clann an Drumma play. Two days in Scotland and two different tribal bands - summer is looking up!

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  1. I'm so happy you were able to catch an Albannach gig! Would love to have seen that sunset. Still can't get used to seeing Kyle and Donnie with facial hair. Sounds like you're off to a good start on your 'journey'. Good luck with CAD tomorrow. But then again if you have to pay for your WiFi You probably won't read this comment till tomorrow has come and gone ;-)

    Have an awesome trip :-D

    XX to you both!