08 July 2008

Spreading the word...

Yesterday afternoon I managed to bring my work place to a near standstill and, in the process, introduced one or two of the staff to the joys of birding. Four Peregrine Falcons - the birds from Derby Cathedral I assume - were flying around outside, perching on a nearby radio mast and also hunting for prey. The birds were making so much noise it was impossible to miss them!

As I stood watching the birds fly around overhead I was subjected to the usual questions... “What are they?” “How do you know?” “Why are they making so much noise?” “Wow! That one just caught something! Is it going to eat it?”

It was all over in less than 15 minutes but it certainly made an impression on one or two people. I think the mid-air food pass that two of the Peregrines performed helped. I wonder what my “townie” work colleagues would make of birds like Hen Harrier, Osprey and Golden Eagle?

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Showing off for the new pair of legs ;-)

    So did he eat it? The falcon that is :-))