07 October 2008

BHF sponsorship...

Today, I arrived home to find the information pack for my British Heart Foundation sponsored bike ride had arrived - there’s no turning back now!

I have just set up a sponsorship page at the Justgiving web site so that donations to the BHF can be made safely on-line. Please visit...
Starting tomorrow I will also be collecting sponsors via the old fashioned way of pen and paper so, if our paths are likely to cross over the next few weeks, I’ll be more than willing to talk to you! If not, PLEASE visit the Justgiving site.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Ali & I will sponsor you.
    Ali will bring the sponsorship money to quiz one week and give it to Lynda.
    Good luck (at least there'll be no blisters this time)!!!

  2. Thank you both!

    As for the blisters... we'll see how I feel after at least 36 miles in the saddle!