05 October 2008

Fund raising...

For the past three years I've taken part in the British Heart Foundation High Peak Trail Winter Challenge, a 17-mile hike in the Derbyshire Peak District. I've thoroughly enjoyed each of the three walks, even last year's torrential rain, flooded trails and snow, but have decided it's time for a break. This year I'll be spared the blisters, aching muscles and creaking knees but I will be thinking of the many, many people that will take part in the event. I may well even regret not being there!

I will, however, still be doing my part to help raise vital funds for the British Heart Foundation. I'm going to take part in the Hearts First Robin Hood Bike Ride on 2nd November instead! The thought of being out in the November weather for a 17-mile walk just didn't sound much of a challenge this year (joke!) so I've pledged to cover 36 miles (at least) around Sherwood Forest by bike! I say "at least" because if I can beat my sponsorship target of £350 by enough then I'll try my very best to add an extra flying lap or two of the 6-mile course as a thank you to everyone that sponsors me!

My application for the ride has already been submitted to the BHF so just as soon as I receive my entrance pack I'll be posting details here regarding ways to sponsor me. I know we're in the middle of this credit crunch thing but please give some serious thought to donating to the British Heart Foundation via my sponsored ride. Just think... if you skip just one trip to the pub next week or go without that unhealthy take-away meal or miss out a few bars of chocolate, or packets of crisps, and donate the money saved to the BHF you'll not only be helping this worthy charity you'll actually be helping your own health just a little too! I've funded my entrance fee, and also the purchase of a BHF t-shirt, by cutting out all the bacon sandwiches I'd normally have at work! That, I can tell you, has hurt!

Below is a short video that I'd like you to take a quick look at. It's only four minutes of your life but it may well be enough to save someones life.

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