06 February 2009

That horrible hissing sound, again!

Last night I was worried about the weather stopping me using my bike today, in the end the snow didn’t return and the ice actually decreased. I’m now sat at home wishing the snow had fallen! I picked up yet another puncture on the ride home this evening.

Once again, it was a rear wheel puncture and it was on an unlit section of path. The end result was another walk home - this time just under a mile and a half. I do carry a puncture kit, tools and a spare inner tube with me on my daily commute but by the time I’ve messed around fixing a puncture by the roadside, in the dark, it’s just as easy to walk.

The bike is now fixed and ready for tomorrow morning's ride. I’ve fitted a brand new inner tube and I’ll get around to repairing the old one at some point over the weekend. At least I’ll be able to do that in the warmth and light of the house and not in the freezing cold using my bike light! Oh, how I love cycling...

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