11 March 2012

A 70 mile morning...

A further two weeks on from my last update and it’s cycling that is on my mind, once again.

The continuing run of dry, and at times rather warm, weather has allowed me to keep on clocking up the miles, with just over 313 of them passing under my wheels. The total mileage for the year now stands at 1083 miles. That’s 139 miles more than the same time last year. I’m pleased to be ahead of last year, but would rather the gap was a little bigger!

Today, the weather was just about perfect for cycling so, at just after 7:00am, I set off on the road bike and headed north. Seventy miles, and 3hrs 50mins, later I was back home having passed through Derby, Duffield, Belper, Matlock, Chatsworth Park, Bakewell and then back again along the A6. With all the speed limits that are now in place along the A6 any journey into the north of the county by car can be time consuming, but it does make the road feel just a little safer when on a bike! Some you win, some you lose I guess.

Stats for todays ride were...
Total distance - 70 miles
Total time - 3hrs 50min
Max speed - 32mph

Average speed - 18.3mph
Calories burnt - approx 3200


A view of Chatsworth Park - whilst taking
a food & drink stop.

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