18 March 2012

Just another week...

After enjoying a gorgeous day last Sunday, when I rode up to Chatsworth and back in just a pair of summer weight cycling leggings and a lycra cycling shirt with arm warmers, it’s been back to more seasonal weather over the past week. The temperature has dropped back into single figures, the clear blue skies have been replaced by cloudy, dull ones and the wind has picked up again. Thursday was the worst of the week, with dense fog greeting me as I set of for work on the bike. By the end of the 7 mile ride I was soaked - I hate fog about as much as I hate rain.

The total mileage for the week, commuting to and from work, was 129 miles, taking the total for the year to 1,212 miles, 155 miles ahead of last year's total at this point. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping to get a few extra miles in this coming week by getting out on the bike during my breaks at work. It will only be around five miles each day, but every mile counts. Plus, it’s a break from the day job!

Now, a few photos. Nothing special, just a handful of shots from around the garden yesterday lunchtime. If nothing else, they make me feel as though warmer, longer days are on the way.

Ta ta!

The ladybirds in the photos... I had a quick count-up of the ones I could find easily around the front garden today. More than 110 of them!

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