15 April 2012

It’s raining. Birds and cash...

The last time I was here I was rather happy about the way my cycling had been going. I also mentioned how I expected it all to fall apart over the Easter weekend. And fall apart it did. Apart from Good Friday, it rained and rained and rained some more. Needless to say, I didn’t get out on the bike at all that weekend! Between Tuesday and yesterday, I tried to rescue something from the week by riding longer routes to and from work and managed a total of 110 miles.

Extra cash in the back pocket is always rather nice isn’t it? And the past couple of Saturdays have been rather productive on that front with two lottery wins for me! Last Saturday I picked up £60 from the Irish Lottery and last night I managed another £49 on the UK Lottery! Next week I’m going for the full six numbers and so this will be my last post here, as I will be going into hiding to avoid any unwanted publicity! Oh, how I wish!

Now, a rare bit of birding news. Rare for me to post birding stuff nowadays and also a rather rare sighting too. A Glossy Ibis almost right over the garden was a HUGE surprise on Friday evening! After a rather hard ride home from work, I was sat on the doorstep looking out over the garden when I saw a rather large bird, some way off, slowly heading my way. At first I thought it was just a Cormorant - dark coloured bird, broad wings, long neck.

Then things started to set the alarm bells ringing. The bird was getting a little closer and just did not look quite right somehow! It was too small for Cormorant, the head and neck were all wrong and what the heck was that bill all about! Having quickly grabbed my ’bins and returned to the garden things started to fall into place, it was a Glossy Ibis. Hell, it’s almost enough to make me quit my cycling and get back out birding again full time! Things can, and do, turn up at the most unexpected times and that part of birding will always give me a buzz.

Oh, and I’ve also seen my first Willow Warblers and Swallows of the year too. Maybe I should start some sort of bird list? LOL!

Next week we’re off to Yorkshire for a few days so I hope to have a few photos to post, if the rain doesn’t wreck all of our plans that is.

Thank you, and good night.

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