01 April 2012

Two great results...

Wednesday October 7 2009, Lynda and I went to a garden centre and purchased a couple of Camellias. Lynda was delighted to have found the plants, even more so as they were a “two-for-one” deal. We planted them and waited for them to flower. And we waited, and waited and waited. Not a thing! Until now that is. At last, we have flowers - even if it is only on one of the shrubs! Now, if only the red Camellia would join in...
The Camellia.

March 2012, and my best ever month of cycling. During the past month I’ve covered a total of 701.92 miles, over 100 miles more than my previous best months of March and April last year, when I rode 600 miles in each. In achieving that mileage I’ve burnt around 30,700 calories and spent a total of 41 hours in the saddle.

My total mileage for the year now stands at 1531.21 miles, 246 more than the first three months of last year. The coming month will probably see much of that advantage wiped out as we have a week's holiday coming up and so I’ll not be able to ride for at least 5 days. Another deciding factor may well be the weather - we’re heading towards the Bank Holiday weekend, so the rain is bound to return!
Good night all!

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