29 July 2012

A second century ride...

Maybe it was an alignment of the planets, maybe it was the inspiration drawn from watching the opening ceremony of the London Olympics the night before, but yesterday I managed my second ever 100mile cycle ride. To be precise, 101.4miles! Who knows... it may even have been as a result of the huge amount of Chinese food (and a bottle of beer!) that I consumed whilst watching the Olympics! Whatever it was, after a summer that has been more or less washed out by the weather, it felt great to be able to do this ride.
I’ll not go into the full details of the route (too long and too boring to list every place name) but, briefly, it took me east from Derby into the country lanes and villages of South Nottinghamshire, skirted around Loughborough, as I crossed through Leicestershire, on the way back into South Derbyshire before heading out onto more familiar roads around Melbourne, Hartshorne, Repton, Hilton and Longford. From there, I turned back towards Derby for the final 20mile run in to home and a well earned recovery milkshake!

The Garmin GPS stats for the ride are...

Total distance - 101.4 miles.
Total time - 5hrs 37 mins.
Max speed - 32.8 mph.
Average speed - 18 mph.
Calories burnt - approx 3,500.
Average heart rate - 151 bpm.
Max heart rate - 180 bpm.

The Strava map and elevation profile for the ride are HERE.

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