02 July 2012

We're half way there...

Well, June has come and gone and with it half the year is now behind us. Somehow, I’ve managed to ride a total of 2936.42 miles in the last six months which puts me very close to reaching the half way point of my goal of riding at least 6,000 miles this year.

The weather has, once again, been more of a challenge than the actual cycling over the past month with the rain and strong winds putting paid to any chance of me getting any big rides in. The longest ride I did was the ride up to Alport Heights, a distance of just 40 miles. As a result, the total mileage for the month of June was 471.16 miles - around 200 miles less than I would have liked!

This past weekend has seen the passing of a long-time friend. After many years of faithful service my old mountain bike has come to the end of the line and been killed off. For the last couple of years I’ve faced a constant battle to keep it roadworthy but this time the costs involved didn’t make this worth doing any more. Quite how many miles the bike had covered I’ll never know (I didn’t log its mileage for many years) but I'd ridden it for over 11,000 miles in the past three years alone! I’d owned the bike for over 16 years so it certainly didn’t owe me anything!

The bike was stripped of it’s tyres, mudguards, lights and rear gear mechanism (the only usable parts!) and handed over to the scrap-man on Saturday. Farewell old friend, I’ll miss you!

Alvaston Park. A regular
haunt of the mountain bike.

All set to raise money for the
Britsh Heart Foundation.

Sherwood Forest - November 2008.

36 miles of thick mud and heavy rain!

The end of a very grim ride!

The end of the road! June 2012.

Removing anything of use.

A sad old sight!

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