11 September 2005

Jasmine Garden!

No, not a new addition to our own garden but the Cantonese restaurant we went to last night!

£10.50 a head and eat as much as you like! My sort of place!

Lynda and I had been here just once before and had enjoyed both the place and the food, so, when our friends Paul and Ali suggested it was about time we all went out for a meal again we decided on here!

Like most of the day it was pouring down as we set off at just after 7:30pm, by the time we arrived it was raining even harder but at least we were able to park quite close to the door! A quick sprint and we were inside without getting too wet!

The place wasn't quite as busy as before and we were shown to our table straight away, even though we were early! Our drinks order was taken, and also our request for shredded duck with pancakes, almost as soon as we had taken our seats! Make the most of all food seeing as it's included in the price I say! Hmmmm, four of us eating but six pancakes -what's that all about then?! Never mind plenty more choice for later!

Right, time for thinking on my feet here - as I'm stood at the buffet - 'cause last time I missed out on soup. No mistake this time, found it straight away and it looked good! Back at the table and I'm aware of Lynda laughing at me from back at the buffet - OK I'd got my soup, pity I'd not picked up a spoon! Wife to the rescue, again! And the soup was just as good as it looked.

The rest of the evening was taken up with numerous trips back and forth for more food - crispy seaweed, spring rolls, prawn crackers, sesame toast made up some of the starters. Main courses included beef curry, beef with noodles (I think), king prawns, three or four chicken dishes, a couple of vegetable ones plus the most gorgeous mushrooms with onion and garlic! Oh, and not forgetting the usual egg fried rice and chips!

Two bowls of strawberry and vanilla ice cream, with strawberries, was enough of a sweet for me - I didn't want to over do it - whilst Lynda had profiteroles and ice cream. There was also a choice of fresh fruit and two differentt gateaux.

Whilst we were chatting it came to light that Paul is doing a 17 mile sponsored walk for The British Heart Foundation in November, so it's either cough up the sponsorship money OR get walking. Looks like I may well be walking then! At least that way I get something out of it as well! Joking apart, it's for a great cause so 17 miles walking in the Derbyshire countryside is the least I can do. SPONSORS WANTED, PLEASE!!!!

At around 10:30pm we headed back home for coffees (OK, so I had whisky!) all pretty well full but not quite bursting!

So, another nice evening out and it didn't cost the earth - where we going next time then folks???

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