02 September 2005

Time flys!

As I thought..... I set this up and then don't have the time to come back to it!

What a week, work has gone crazy mad - big problems getting stock this week and when it arrives it's damaged - the usual couple of trips to the gym (should have been more after last weekend!) and with all the rain this week the garden looks like a jungle! Will be a quick run around with the mower tonight before getting all my camping gear ready for the weekend!!

After an easy morning at work Saturday (I hope!) it's off to Cambridgeshire for the NASA Ladies & Juniors National Championships - Autograss racing for those that don't know! My mate Gary isn't racing (not a lady or a junior) so we can have a good few beers and chill out for a change without worrying about racing or fixing the car!

Spent a lot of the week chasing info on the Clann An Drumma gig in Stirling, Scotland, in October but still not having much luck - someone MUST know something! With luck I should get some feed back from the CAD web forum but even that has been rather vague.

Right, time I did a bit more work, otherwise I'll be left with loads tomorrow morning!!!!

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