28 September 2005

Wet Wednesday .....

Hey, it's Wednesday evening so half the week's gone already! Yeah! It's NOT a nice night outside though - cold, wet and very windy - and it's already dark at just after 7:15pm! Autumn is sliding into place!

Anyway..... Sponsorship for my BHF walk is coming along nicely - stands at just over £160 at this moment - and I've only had the forms for a few days so I'm quite pleased with it so far. If you're reading this and haven't sponsored me yet then don't worry I'll let you stop reading now and nip off to http://www.bhf.org.uk/sponsor/richardcrooks so that you can add a few pounds or dollars or yen or what ever it is that you trade in!

Back so soon?! Just so long as you are coming back AFTER visiting the BHF!

So,what's in store for the rest of the week? In short, not a lot! I'll be at the gym again tomorrow night and also Friday, after missing out on Monday due to a dodgy shoulder. Nothing that bad, I think I either over stretched a muscle at the weekend working on our friend Mel's house or, and this is most likely, I slept funny on it! Sad isn't it!!!! I did do a bit of a workout last night but only some easy cardio stuff, followed by about 20 mins. in the steam room!

Saturday I'm in work in the morning and then it's over to see our friends Rob & Jane in Nottingham in the evening.

Sunday is racing again after a few weeks off. Just hope the weather dries up before then or it will be a bit of a mud bath, plus we need a reasonably dry track for Gary to have the best chance of winning the East Midlands Champion Of Champions race!

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