12 June 2006

Well, the good news is that tomorrow we are off on holiday! More good news, last nights Bluehorses gig was another great night, with an added bonus… Rob Khoo made a “guest appearance” as bass player for the night! Rob used to play bass with the band for many years until standing down around four years ago. This was only the second time that we had managed to catch up with him since and it was great to do so.

The Flowerpot (pub venue last night) was even hotter than usual, due to the very hot weather we have been having of late, and by the time the band came on stage and all the spotlights came into play it must have been approaching 100°. Not the best of nights for bouncing around at the front of the stage but I still did! By the end of the night you could have just about wrung my T-shirt out, it was that wet! Still, it will have burnt of an extra few pounds that I can now put back on by eating and drinking too much on holiday!

Now, I started by saying, “the good news is…” which must mean there is bad news. Sure enough… the bad news is that on Friday lunch time one of our favourite pub/restaurants suffered a huge fire. The Bulls Head at Denby was very badly damaged when a fire in an outbuilding spread to the back of the main pub and then into the roof. The galleried restaurant was very badly hit and, from the photos we saw in the local paper, it looks like the whole of the restaurant roof was also more or less destroyed.

So, on to next week. We set off for the Lake District just as soon as we can get everything packed into the car tomorrow morning. I’ve not bothered to run the trip through a route planner but I’d guess that it will take us around 3½ hours to get there if the M6 is clear, well, as clear as it can be on a Monday morning! Once up there our base for the week will put us right in the heart of the fells with Eskdale and the Hardknott Pass close by. Coniston Water and Windermere will be within easy driving distance as will the northwest coastline. No doubt the camera will be getting a fair amount of use, so I’ll post pictures here at some time!

At the end of the week, we will be moving out of the Cumbrian Mountains to just the other side of the M6 and spending a long weekend at the Whinfell Forest Center Parcs. Lynda and I have visited the Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest many times over the years but this will be our first visit to Whinfell. Once there Lynda’s brother Neil, his wife Susan, their little girl Chloe and Lynda’s dad John and step mum Sue, will join us. The second part of our holiday is most definitely going to be a lot livelier than the first, especially with Chloe around! I think Aunty Lynda and Uncle Richard are going to be kept very busy!


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