01 April 2007

Not much going on but...

Here’s a quick run down of the week and it will be quick because not much has happened and I’m not really in the mood for sitting here typing loads of stuff tonight!

We hit the gym twice in the week and at last I’m fully back in the swing of things there - I’m actually enjoying it again and now look forward to going! Not felt like that for around 8 months or so! I’ve also managed to dump around 6 or 7 pounds of excess weight just by cutting out some of the rubbish I was eating. Not sure how long it will stay off though.

On Wednesday, I once again gave the neighbours good reason to think I have gone totally mad - I spent almost ¾ of an hour watering the lawns! Yes, I know it was still March and yes, I know it’s not been very hot but I wanted to roll the lawns to try and get rid of some of the humps and hollows that have developed over the past few years. When I tried rolling them last Saturday the ground was already too hard hence the watering!

The second part of the week had me watching my purchase figures at work like a hawk - it was the end of the first quarter this weekend and I needed to hit 100% of target so that we got a rebate back from Kia. We hit 100% on Thursday and, with a little bit of extra work and a very small piece of luck, we managed 105.3% by the month end. That last little push means that the rebate will now be more than double what it would have been.

Yesterday Lynda and I went into Derby in the morning. I needed a haircut, again, and we needed to do a little bit of shopping. All went off fine, Derby was pretty quiet, the weather was pleasant, if a little chilly, and I came home in one piece - just a pity I forgot half the stuff I went for! I hate shopping!

This morning I spent a few hours out and about birding. I checked three sites, all local to home and managed to add a few good birds to my year list - Sand Martin, Swallow, White-fronted Goose, Pink-footed Goose, Ringed Plover, Little Ringed Plover and Green Sandpiper. All common enough birds but good to see all the same.

So, that was last week. Now for a few photos from today.

Looking over the main pool at Willington

The newly created wader area at Willington.

A very friendly Robin that came to say hello!

There is plenty of Blackthorn in flower now.

A Dog Violet - I think!

Just a Dandelion, but from a bugs view!

Lesser Celandine - I hope!

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