26 March 2007

A nice start to the week...

So, the week has started rather well, and yes, I am surprised by that!

This morning dawned dry, bright and sunny so I used the bike to go into work. I stopped off at Alvaston Park on the way, to feed the ducks, swans and geese - it’s always a nice way to start the working day!

By 8:30am all thoughts of an easy day had gone out of the window - we had no internet access and no way of getting any invoices etc downloaded! Oh well, not my problem, leave it to the boss! I had a coffee, a walk out onto the sales forecourt and enjoyed the sun for a while! After that, I carried on with whatever I could and let the whole thing wash over me. Today, I was chilling!

The second chill out session of the day started at 11:20am. Lynda had phoned me not long after I arrived at work to tell me that the new Airbus A380 was due to do a fly-past over the Rolls Royce engine works, here in Derby, today at around 11:30am. After standing outside with some of the other staff at work for a short while, we suddenly heard the sound of jet engines. Boy, that A380 is one BIG plane!

The first fly-past saw the plane turn away from us around a mile or so in the distance and we didn’t get too good a view through the hazy cloud. The second pass saw the A380 come straight over us at about 2000ft before banking steeply and quickly climbing up out of view. The plane was in a plain white livery, with no airline logos or wording at all, and it made the airbus look almost ghost-like in the hazy blue and white sky.

The rest of the day passed without too much trauma; the internet is sort of working, the sun came out even more and nobody was too stressed out by the issues caused by the errors in the new computer programmes. The ride home - along the long route - was very pleasant with the birds singing away as though there wasn't a care in the world!

Tomorrow, is another day though…

Photos from "This Is Derbyshire", the Derby Evening Telegraph web site.

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