13 March 2007


Last night we had a little taste of the future…

July 1 2007 sees the introduction of the ban on smoking in all enclosed public places in England and, after visiting the Bulls Head in Denby last night, it cannot come soon enough! Since the Bulls Head re-opened a week ago, after a massive fire last year, it has become a no smoking pub and it is great! To be able to go out, enjoy a meal, a drink, and not go home smelling of stale cigarette smoke was, quite literally, a refreshing change!

As for the rest of the evening, it was superb - great food, plenty of it, friendly and efficient service and a very relaxing feel to the place with an excellent job having been done of the refit. There was also live music in the bar area from a three-piece jazz group playing bass and lead guitar and clarinet. I wasn’t too sure about the music when we first walked in - not my usual style! - but, I have to admit it did add to the evening and I actually enjoyed it in the end. I’m NOT converted though!

Just for the record we ate…

Golden Breaded Mushrooms - Lynda
Parcels of Brie Cheese with Mango - for me

Main Course
Chicken Napolean - Lynda
Chicken Jalfrazi - for me

Crunchie Bailey Boo - one each!

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