25 March 2007

Nothing much going on at the moment so this will be a very brief Blog! Yes, I can be brief!

We’ve been having an updated computer programme installed at work over the past week… it’s all going wrong! This coming week could well be rather interesting, even if it is only to see who gets involved in the biggest arguments!

After the slight glitch with my new glasses last week I now have them safely in my possession; so it’s out with the Giorgio Armani and in with the Dolce & Gabbana! Ooh, name dropper! I am rather pleased with them though - just so long as they last as well as the old ones did!

Today, I spent a fair amount of the day out in the garden; I mowed the lawns, then rolled them, dug the flower boarders over and gave the mountain bike a bit of a clean. The weather first thing wasn’t too clever - cloudy, dull and rather cool - but by early afternoon it felt quite warm and turned into a rather nice day.

So, that just about covers things. Told you I can be brief!

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