24 March 2007

Derby Cathedral Peregrines

I’ve just been watching a video clip of the Derby Cathedral Peregrines and I must say that I found it just a little bit funny!

It shows the male arriving at the nest platform with a small amount of food, and then the female arrives and steals his dinner!

The look on the poor little male birds face is priceless!

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1 comment:

  1. LOL! Let that be a lesson to the men. Females ALWAYS get their way !

    I remember when we were walking at the top of Grandfather Mountain. They had just started a successful program to re-introduce the peregrine back into the 'wilds' of North Carolina. I was standing at the edge of one of the big rocks when just below my feet was the most marvelous sound of wings flapping in the breeze. I looked down at the precise moment a peregrine was flying beneath me. It's remarkable enough to see them gliding through the air from the ground looking up but to see one from above...let's just say in that instant I felt as if the mountain, the bird, and myself were the only things in existance in the universe. It's something I'll never forget.