11 March 2007

The weekend.

My morning at work yesterday was nice and easy - I spent most of it cleaning the fish tank in the showroom! Apart from that, there was little else to do. I did sort out one or two orders ready for Monday and also ran off a couple of reports but that’s about all.

Today I have been out birding again with Paul; we stayed local again, very local for me, and spent a pleasant four hours in and around the grounds of Elvaston Castle. We didn’t come across anything too exciting but even so, it was nice to be out and about in the sunshine.

The highlights, such as they were, included numerous drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker, at least 6 Jay, 3 or 4 Goldcrest, a pair of Bullfinch and a singing Chiffchaff. This little Chiffchaff may not have been the most colourful of things but to me it meant the start of spring! I always think that we are finally over winter when the first summer migrants arrive back. One other bird that would have been a highlight, if we could have found it, was a Tawny Owl. On two separate occasions we heard the owl calling close to us but we failed to see it!

I didn’t try for any bird photos whilst we were out, I played around with one or two different camera angles instead. I didn’t take too many photos but these are some of the better ones.

One last little bit of “news”… Lynda and I are off up to Scotland again later in the year. We will be going back to the Loch Lomond area, in July, for the music festival and the Callander World Highland Games.

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