07 March 2007

Age; it’s just a number!

So, just when do little boys grown up and become men?

On the way into work this morning - on the mountain bike - I came across a minor problem, the track alongside the river was flooded underneath one of the road bridges. It wasn’t too deep, around a foot or so of water I guess, but it was just enough for it to come up onto my shoes as I rode through it.

Now, on the way to work I took it very slowly and managed to get through without getting wet apart from a little water on my shoes, which didn’t come through. Tonight, I could quite easily have taken the much sorter and drier route home - oh no, that wouldn’t have been half as much fun!

By the time I reached the “water splash” a fair amount of it had drained away which meant that it was now much easier to ride through quickly! Yep, I got wet! Even though I still have the winter mudguards on the bike, I still managed to get mud and water right up my back, over my rucksack and all over the bike! I also had quite a large smile on my face!

Boys, they NEVER grow up!

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