04 March 2007

Yet more rain...

Here’s a thing… listen to the weather reports but DO NOT trust them!

According to three websites, and a weather forecast on the TV, it was not going to rain here until early afternoon today. Well, to me, early afternoon is not 11:00AM!

Even though I am still close to death from the attack of Man Flu, I kept my promise to Paul that we would go out birding this morning. We met at 8:00AM in the car park at Carsington Water and had a good run of luck with the birds we found for the first three hours, and then it rained! In true Carsington style, we were just about as far from the car as we could have been when the heavens opened - as is always the case when it rains up there! By 11:30AM, we were heading for home, very wet!

We did have a few rather good birds though… Tawny Owl was one of the first things we came across, followed later in the morning by Barn Owl and also Great Northern Diver (Common Loon, for my friends in America), numerous Bullfinch, a few Redwing, a single Curlew (heading for breeding grounds up on the moors I’d guess), around 20 Ruddy Duck and four very noisy Oystercatchers! Why do those things have to be so damn loud???

In the end, apart from getting a good soaking, it wasn’t too bad a morning. The plan is to make local trips like this one a regular thing so, Ali, expect Paul to be running off on Sunday mornings a little more often from now on!

A couple of little extra bits from yesterday… as well as getting my new printer/scanner whilst in Derby we also picked up tickets to see Thee na Shee at The Flowerpot on St. Patrick’s night, March 17. This is the evening after we will have seen The Silver Dogs play so it’s another two-gig weekend! Things are starting to come together nicely on the music front.

As we walked across Derby market place yesterday we were met by around a dozen Autograss cars - the Pennine club were holding a PR day to promote the forthcoming season. It was nice to catch up with a few people that I had not seen since last season finished and to see some race cars again -it’s been a long winter!

A brand new, rear engined, Class 7 from the Pennine club.

Don’t worry, I don’t take my camera with me when I go shopping - these were taken on my phone!

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