21 April 2007

The Reasoning...


Another quick post this one - not quite sure what to write, and I'm also short of time, so most of it will be just photos!

The Limelight Club gig was a brilliant night out. We had no trouble with the traffic getting there, we didn’t get lost and the music was excellent!

Touchstone, a band new to me, started the night off with a pretty good set. They played mostly their own stuff with one or two cover versions thrown in for good measure. It was the lead singer’s first gig with the band and, although she did look a little nervous at times, she did a great job and her confidence grew from track to track. This is a band I’ll be keeping a look out for in the future and will definitely go and see again.

After a short break, it was time for The Reasoning. This was the first time I’d seen this band play live although I’ve been listening to a fair amount of their music via the internet. They were just amazing! Each and every track they played was just pure class. Now that they are out on the road, and playing gigs and festivals, this relatively new band are going to be making a big name for themselves. The Reasoning are a band that you’ll be reading much more about here and a good deal of other places over the coming months! Buy the CD, go see them live, you will not be disappointed!

After Thursday's gig, I am now pretty sure that I’ll not be at the Off The Tracks festival in May; I’ll be heading over to Newark to see The Reasoning instead!

Below are a few of the better photos I took on the night. They certainly are not my best photos ever! Not sure what the problem was but the lighting played havoc with the focus and exposure on the camera.

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