06 May 2007

Next week...


Not a lot going on again this past week, so I’ll look forward to next week instead…
  • I really MUST get myself into the gym at least twice next week - I didn’t go at all last week, just didn’t feel like it.

  • Having checked the weather forecast for the next few days (rain) it looks like the mountain bike will be staying at home and I’ll be in going to work in the car - another reason to get back to the gym.

  • Next Friday sees the Bluehorses play their first gig of the year and it’s here in Derby. As usual, I’m really looking forward to this. It’s been almost five months since I last saw the Bluehorses live and that is way too long! Bring on Friday!

  • On Saturday, we have an early start - it is the Derby RSPB Local Group annual long weekend birding trip. This year we are off to Kent for three days. At the moment, the weather forecast isn’t brilliant but hopefully that will either change or prove to be wrong. If not, then at least we’ll have the hotel bar to come back to each evening - the weather cannot stop that!

One last thing before I go - some while ago I heard the last little bit of a song on the radio and really enjoyed it. As is often the case when it finished the radio station didn’t say who it was or what the song was called! Damn, that frustrates me at times!

Well, after a bit of a search around the internet I finally tracked down the artist, the song and also a great little video of it. Have a listen; I’ve put the video below.

Christy Moore - Ride On.

Isn’t that just an awesome song?


  1. Bethany Margett (age 3 months)07 May, 2007 19:51

    First time you meet me, and I don't even get a mention on your blog :-(

  2. Sorry Bethany!

    I posted the blog in a bit of a rush, late at night, and I wasn't thinking straight!

    Next time I see you I'll make sure you get a mention AND a photo on here!