22 May 2007

It's been fun... sort of!

Well, last weekend had a little bit of everything on offer!

I awoke on Saturday morning feeling somewhat worse for wear - nothing to do with alcohol; I hadn’t had a single drink the night before! I can only think that something I’d eaten did not agree with me because my stomach was not best pleased. I managed to get through work okay in the morning, and also the garden centre in the afternoon, but I wasn’t feeling quite right somehow.

In the evening, we went to the Peatbog Faeries gig at Kinver. Getting there proved to be a bit of a laugh; Wolverhampton ring road is not something I would recommend you try unless you really have no choice! Being in the very left hand lane of a four lane dual carriageway when you need to turn right can be a little tricky - still not quite sure just how we made that turn, but we did!

The gig was good, not the best I’ve been to and certainly not classic Peatbog Faeries, but the set of tracks played wasn’t anywhere near as upbeat as I had hoped. Still, it was good to see the band live again and it did have some good “dance” moments - “Friend Of Crazy Joe” and the superb “Folk Police” spring to mind!

The Peatbog Faeries.

By the end of the gig, my second ailment of the weekend had come to light - my back, shoulders and neck were killing me. Half an hour into the drive home and I was in agony, for the next hour Lynda was having to act as “spotter” for me at junctions and roundabouts as I couldn’t turn my head at all!

By the time I got out of bed on Sunday morning my back and neck had eased a little - at least I could move my head freely again - and I felt that I could cope with the drive down the motorway to help Gary with his race car. The meeting was very good with a reasonable turn out of cars, some very close racing, hardly any hold-ups and three acceptable results for us. Gary drove to a strong 3rd place in his first heat, managed 4th in the second after a bit of a hectic first bend and then drove like a man possessed in the final race to finish 3rd again.

This final race was, I think, the best race of the day for Gary. He was a little slow away from the start and was last going into the first bend; there was then a big first bend bunching as the lead cars seemed to brake just a little too hard on the damp track, this caused the rest of the pack to bunch up behind them and saw Gary finish up sideways across the track. The next few laps saw a typical “Cookie” charge around the outside line and, by the time the chequered flag fell, he was back up to 3rd.

Gary on a typical outside line charge!

By late on Sunday evening my stomach had started to remind me that it was not a happy bunny, I then spent most of Sunday night/early hours of Monday visiting the smallest room in the house! I was not feeling well! Needless to say, I didn’t make it into work on Monday; in fact, I didn’t manage to drag myself out of bed until just after 5:00PM.

Today, Tuesday, I do feel a little better but still haven’t managed work - maybe tomorrow, if all goes well.

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