25 May 2007

Right, it’s the weekend again and this weekend I plan on staying fit and healthy for ALL of it!

Tomorrow, after an extra hour or two in bed, we are off to Newark for the Newark Beer Festival. The only reason that I have decided to give this event a go is because The Reasoning are playing there tomorrow evening - if they weren’t playing, we wouldn’t be going. The fact that there will be over 140 beers on offer has in no way influenced my decision! Neither has the choice of Cider - over 20 of those I think!

If the weather is kind to us, we hope to have a bit of a look around Newark, and also the castle, during the afternoon before going in search of drink and music. Photos and more details at some point later in the weekend!

On Monday, The Rams take on West Bromwich Albion in the Championship play-off final. We’ll be sat in front of the TV for that - unless the tension becomes too much, then we’ll be hiding behind the settee!


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